WINNER “$4,000,000 Gold Bullion’ – Illinois Instant Lottery $20 Scratch-off Ticket

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LotteryProject says:

@gerry12250 – Thanks!

LotteryProject says:

@MrDexter1911 – as much as I would like to identify a trend, it appears to be totally random. I have worked with a few local retailers to track where the $100 and larger winners are and there is no discernible pattern that I can establish in Illinois. Working with small sample sizes, it may look like there is a pattern, but over time you will find the big winners (any winners for that matter) scattered at random throughout the deck.

gerry12250 says:

i hope you get the win all symbol . i see a$500SOON

BusyBeeCompany says:

Nice win….pays for the next two…lol…keep ‘em coming

MrDexter1911 says:

I’ve watched a lot of winning ticket videos and most of the big ones seem to be from the first 7 or so cards of the book. Have you seen this trend also? Big wins meaning over 100

LotteryProject says:

@ledcultivator – absolutely. I’m planning to play this one for a couple days more and then switching it up a little to include some $30 tickets. Thanks for watching!

ledcultivator says:

The $30 ticket would love the uk to have 1 like that

ledcultivator says:

Good win…look forward to you doing my fav ticket that you do

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