Washington State **Restricts** GOLD & SILVER SALES!!!!

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Washington State **Restricts** GOLD & SILVER SALES!!!! Question? Are You Selling Gold or Silver in Washington State? If the answer is yes, and you don’t meet the requirements your going to jail!!! If you are selling gold or silver in Washington State; your going to need to apply with all the regulations bellow. If you don’t your going to Jail folks. The link below is the bill from the Washington State Gov Mint bellow. You get caught selling the first time 1ST Offense Gross Misdemeanor “Up to 12 Months in the County” 2ND Offense Your a Felon “Welcome too the Big House” Washington State New Law Governing Gold Silver Sales Link of Bill here apps.leg.wa.gov Zero Hedge www.zerohedge.com Correction added legal tender coins are exempt


BuyNsellEverything says:

The state of Washington is on a decline. They raised the License renewal fee to $150.00 for some. $50.00 is the new low!

Seattle206723 says:

Np are they trying to send you to jail for selling some gold or silver? If so we would very much like to know about it and get your story out. The house of Lords in Olympia is out of control like the Kingdom in DC!

Richard Buchanan says:

Thanks for the info. You saved me from a big headache.

WeBuyGoldReviews says:

Damn, that’s hard core.

adrianwillis360 says:

If you sell legal tender silver, it is different. Can’t tax legal tender.

silver john says:

whats the meaning of barter kind regards takecare

c2morrow1 says:

only if you go to cash in the gold and silver….. And at the amount they are looking for….

vivaloriflamme says:

The trap is set and the net is tightening…..

corvettedave50 says:

It’s the goverment, does that tell you anything. Crooks all the way down the food chain. He who contros the spice, controls the universe. Sounds funn huh, gold or spice. Your property or your freedom. It’s all the same. It’s not funny if it happens to you now is it.

Seattle206723 says:

 Thumbs up great insight into this situation.

elMONGOreal says:


Seattle206723 says:

They subverted the constitution a long time ago with things like pay car insurance. Now the same folks with the one world idea are working on burying it. We have to get involved at the state and local area. The voices have to start being heard there.

Habeev07 says:

this means legal tender like all 90% coinage is exempt and can still be sold without a license in washington right? They are only going after like silver bars, rounds, jewelry right?

Habeev07 says:


sh55555 says:

man!!!! then i’m sure we’ll see something like this in the northeast soon. keep stackin’ bro~

Seattle206723 says:

The bill is already law as of last month. I wanted to know why my reps voted for it.

sh55555 says:

wow! that’s a tough bill, and somehow i hope it gets stopped if possible. passing it will set a precident that will effect other states. thanks for updating, and i guess legal 90% and “junk” silver tender is the only option for you guys for now – man!!

Seattle206723 says:

Sent an email to the local reps for some information, but there has been no reply.

sh55555 says:

Great vid brother. Any updates to the law as of current 9-13-11?

Seattle206723 says:

That was covered in the video editing right?

inkey2 says:

wait a sec………….Franklin halves are STILL LEGAL TENDER, so is pre-1964 silver coins

Seattle206723 says:

Well I think its safe to say that pladium is both silver and platnium. That would fall into the catagorey of precious metals.

Seattle206723 says:

Correction added thanks!

Voodicus says:

it states except coins of legal tender….so that would NOT include you franklin halves correct?

Seattle206723 says:

Damn is about accurate for this bill.

Seattle206723 says:

Might help with the Jobs numbers were suffering from lol…

Seattle206723 says:

The bill was originally to cover both pawn shops and second hand sellers. They they changed it too an second hand sellers amendment. Yes everyone who sells precious metals has just became a business in Washington State. I will post a follow up video in the next few days to cover more of it…

LadyStonecut says:

Does that mean pawn shops too?
They want to control it all.
So can’t sell Grandmas silver if money gets tight unless they know about it.
This Is BS. Non-compliance people.

Seattle206723 says:

They changed the bill number; and they just amended it. The first one was even more insane. So they tamp it down a little and just passed this as an amendment.

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