Metal Detecting on the Beach – Coins Galore

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Handfuls of coins are dug live on a UK beach in perfect search conditions. ***for FAQ click ‘Show more’ below*** Other finds include an 18ct gold ring and a Georgian medallion .See just how quickly and easily the targets can be located and recovered. 28th Aug 2012 – Wow! Over 300000 views of something I knocked on the spur of the moment. I’m amazed, thank-you very much for watching guys. FAQ; Q.What metal detector were you using when you recorded this video? A.Minelab E-Trac. Q. I’m thinking of taking up metal detecting as a hobby. Which metal detector would you recommend to me? A. The Garrett Ace 250 offers a good compromise between price, ease of use and performance. Q. Do you ever sell your finds? Will you sell an item to me? A. No, I never sell any finds. Every item recovered stays in my collection. The only exception is when the owner (loser) can be traced, in which case the item is gladly returned. Q. Where can I get one of those plastic sand scoops seen in the video? A. Many online retailers sell them, just type ‘plastic sand scoop’ into a search engine. Since I recorded this video they’ve become more widely available and prices have dropped. Home-made versions made from things like empty food containers are not very robust, they soon fail when exposed to wet sand on the beach. I know from experience; I got through several myself before purchasing the real thing. I’d like to say thank-you to Pingstick (Dave), who was already busy searching on the beach when I


Hannible100 says:

I bet the Midget was a phuckin Troll just like you! 

Detectingdevon says:

I detect around Torbay some great beaches there good video aswell

frederikkoeppe says:

that must be fun. How much do I have to invest to do that?

Rick Abell says:

great video of ‘dirt fish’ …

skeetabix36 says:

Very interesting. im gonna start up this hobby

TrollonymousFU2 says:

that’s nothing. i went out on a rainy day and found a wooden chest full of gold coins, buried next to a dead midget in a green suit! beat that!

HiddenTreasureHunter says:

that is so cool!!!! congrats!

kim phillips says:

hi im from Ottery st Mary don’t you think that the exmouth beatch as been done to death?

garylq says:

@rebel Xfire Thanks for your suggestion. That’s already been tried by myself and several others. Unfortunately ordinary plastics aren’t durable enough to cope with wet sand and start to fall apart in the first few hours of use on the beach

garylq says:

Wow! 400K views! I never dreamt something I knocked up one afternoon in the spur of the moment would attract so much attention. Thank-you very much to all 400K+ of you.

09A34 says:

Dustbin !!! 

Javro5o4k says:

When I saw this I was thinking of my Dads hobby. He passed away in 2008 right on the beach. He had many good machines, x calliber, Sovereign,white,Pulse, tesoro, plus many other machine. I did it with him some times and I found some gold and silver. The gold has a low sound like a nickle!! Good hunting!!

MrBenchy35 says:

If i found some valuable gold or jewelry there’s no way I’d give it up to the old Trout

MrBenchy35 says:

wot they dont know about doesnt hurt em haha


@kzjmiql ha you never get any really good videos on here. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty have a look at this

Manny Calavera says:

Damn, that’s a lot of coins, more than I have found in total.

theenduror says:

nice video, you also keep the ground clean. i wonder why people still think you can t keep the findings its your reward. someone even said it belongs to the queen?! lol get real man!

Tammy Diaz says:


imjustporkness says:

Where I live if you leave a camera on the floor on the ground and turn around, and then look back its gone

JolietJake64 says:

I’m goin down to my local beach with 10 quids worth of pennies. That’ll keep them busy.

dariod2007 says:

what do you do with the coins?

Sunfadedlovejaded says:

Once I found a car at the beach but turned out it was mine in the parking lot.

radioman56 says:

well Please Pray for my mom shes in Icu at the sospital

RavenSeventy8 says:

Nice job

micmoable says:

Where did you buy that little digger spade?

Josef Košek says:

Haha, I am from the Czech republic and I spent my summer holidays in Bournemouth. I lost a few pounds there on the beach … I hope you will find them =)

Loughlan McLean says:

Bluegrass breakdown in a British video! Hello from Louisville, Kentucky, USA…

Caity Crow says:

Or you could just get ad-block plus as a free Google Chrome extension.

Jake Ambalo says:

ya it is

MrWatlow says:

Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

mannymanano says:

Thanks for the plastic scoop idea and scanning tip, unfortunately I have a metal one. I live in the U.S. in Louisiana.

chessknightsmove says:

for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

weeweeeewee says:

Haha 7:55 I thought the scream was the metal detector!

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